Chris Bulilan is a graphic photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. A triple threater who is masterful in the creative realm. Raised in New Jersey where he was strongly influenced by its neighboring state, New York. He continues to perfect his style in video and the never-ending chase of the “perfect” photo.

CB: As a child, I was always fascinated with cartoons and how it was made. The vibrancy of colors and the storytelling from cartoons brought me to my love for drawing and creating. Over the years, my fascination grew, and my hunger to learn grew even more. From drawing - to photoshop - to logos - to printing - to photography - to filmmaking. I've grown obsessed with creating the connection between art and those who see it.

Fun Facts:
• Loves ping pong. Do not challenge, you’ll end up sweating with regret.
• Loves discovering new music to dance to.
• Can’t leave home without a camera.
• Works out just to eat more.
• Grateful for the family and friends God has placed in his life. Most specially his little baby girl.